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Areni-1 Cave

The cave complex Areni-1, also known as the Birds’ cave, is situated east from the village of Areni and located in the limestone formations of the left bank of the Arpa River (tributary of the Araxes River). The archaeological investigations here have been carried out since 2007 by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, NAS RA (the head of the Project and the expedition is Boris Gasparyan), and Cork University, Ireland (Ron Pinhasi, co-director).

The two exploratory trenches placed in the first gallery of the cave (first trench was located in the very end of the first gallery, at the background and the second one – directly near the entrance of the cave, under the roofing start), opened here no less than 5-6 living horizons of the Chalcolithic period with total power of cultural layers more then 4 meters.

In 2008-2010 the expedition was collaborating with the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA.
Today specialists from Haifa University, Tel Aviv University (Israel) and the University of Connecticut (USA) are involved in the Project as well.
The expedition is in need of additional sponsors and financial aid.

Our team:

Boris Gasparyan - head of the expedition, director of the project. Researcher at the Institute of Archaeology (Yerevan, Armenia), assistant professor at the Yerevan State University, specialist of the Stone Age cultures of Armenia.
E-mail: borisg@virtualarmenia.am

Diana (Dina) Zardaryan - member of the expedition, area supervisor. Junior researcher at the Institute of Archaeology (Yerevan, Armenia), studies Late Chalcolithic pottery of Armenia.
E-mail: dzardaryan@yahoo.com

Tamara Bagoyan - member of the expedition, lab assistant at the Institute of Archaeology (Yerevan, Armenia), studies the archaeobotanical remains from Areni-1 cave.
E-mail: tbagoyan@yahoo.com

Ron Pinhasi - co-director of the project, Doctor of Anthropology, professor at the Cork University College (Cork, Ireland). Studies the anthropological remains from Areni-1 cave.
E-mail: ron_pinhasi@yahoo.com

Gregory Areshian - co-director of the project (2008-2010), Doctor, professor at the UCLA (USA).
E-mail: khwareno@gmail.com

Alexia Smith - assistant professor at the University of Connecticut (USA), palaeoethnobotanist, studies the archaeobotanical remains from Areni-1 cave.
E-mail: alexia.smith@uconn.edu

Nathan Wales - PhD, University of Connecticut (USA). Member of the expedition, doing the DNA analysis of grape seeds from the Chalcolithic layers of Areni-1 cave.
E-mail: nathan.wales@uconn.edu

Guy Bar-Oz - professor at the Haifa University (Israel), studies the archaeozoological remains from Areni-1 cave.
E-mail: guybar@research.haifa.ac.il

Lior Weissbrod - Post-Doctoral researcher at the Haifa University (Israel), studies remains of the microvertebrates from Areni-1 cave.
E-mail: lweissbr@research.haifa.ac.il

Mark Iserlis - PhD candidate at the Tel Aviv University (Israel), doing the pethrographic analysis of the Chalcolithic ceramics from Areni-1 cave.
E-mail: iserlism@yahoo.com

Areni-1 cave

ancient textile, archaeology, cave settlements, chalcolithic period, origins of kura-araxes culture, painted pottery


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